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Blue-Job, Worlds best Chrome polish!

Traditional Chrome and Metal polishes are very abrasive and leave an oil or wax coating behind. This wax or oil residue is there to hide the multitude of tiny scratches that these abrasive polishes make in the surface of your product. Manufacturer of these abrasive polishes will tell you that these additives are to add shine and luster, but what they actually do is hide these scratches and make the surface of your chrome or metal work an absolute magnet for finger prints and dust.

Blue-Job Chrome and Metal Polish has a unique non abrasive, highly concentrated, powder formula, guaranteed to remove bluing and add a long lasting shine, without scratching or dulling the finish surface. Blue-Job will leave your product brilliant, clean, dry and more resistant to future bluing or tarnishing.

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Regular polishing with Blue-Job will give long lasting shine and protection.

BLUE-JOB is advertised in Easyriders, BSH, Hot Rod bikes, Big Twin, Vintage Motorcycle, Chrome Pony, Thunder Press, Motor Cyclist, Abate, BMW Owners News, Dealer News, Motorcycle Product News, Motorcycle Industry, and many European motorcycle magazines.

There are simply no more excuses for your exhaust pipes or other Chrome fittings to look bad. BLUE-JOB, your best value, is the only chrome polish-cleaner you will ever need.

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Chrome so bright, you got'a wear shades!